Friday, November 21, 2014

How Google ranks Web pages?

Google’s search algorithm combined precomputed PageRank scores with text matching scores to obtain an overall ranking score for each webpage. The PageRank algorithm assigns a PageRank score to each webpages. The algorithm models the behavior of an idealized random Web surfer [1, 2]. This Internet user randomly chooses a webpage to view from the listing of available webpages. Then, the surfer randomly selects a link from that webpage to another webpage.

The model the activity of the random Web surfer, the PageRank algorithm represents the link structure of the Web as a directed graph.

The process for determining PageRank begins by expressing the directed Web graph as the nxn hyperlink matrix, H, where n is the number of webpages.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Real Time Adaptive Shortest Path Navigation System - [Proje]


This document includes the project proposal for the RETINA(REal Time Adaptive Shortest Path Navigation System) that will be produced at end of fall semester. The schedule for this project starts in September 2012 and ends in January 2013. This project will be developed by the students who are taking CE 497 Senior Project 1 course. The members of this project are as follows:

  • Taner Güngör
  • Efe Sezer
  • Uğur Eryüzlü
  • Ulaş Göde

Project will be supervised by Asst. Prof. Süleyman Kondakçı and project coordinator is Taner Güngör who is elected by the project team.

Real Time Adaptive Shortest Path Navigation System provides a package that is combination of the software and hardware. It performs a shortest path for the agents (who are using this system in their vehicles) in the traffic. The system finds that shortest path according to the specified parameters, such as instantaneous flow, throughput, weather conditions, (rain, humidity, snow) illumination of the roads. The oriented customers for this product are personal and commercial vehicle drivers and commercial transportation companies.

The project scope for the Real Time Adaptive Shortest Path Navigation System will be included embedded boards which are Arduino and ARM. These boards will perform the software operations via sensors which are attached on the Arduino board and show up the shortest path on the screen.